When we founded CCAI in our 200-square-foot basement in 1992, we never imagined -- even in our wildest dreams -- that we would find permanent homes for so many children. Twenty-eight years later, CCAI has helped more than 13,000 children to be embraced into loving families. Being part of such a life-changing experience is what keeps us going every day.

As adoptive parents ourselves, we are so touched by wonderful people like you who commit your time, finances, and most of all, your passionate love to journey through mountains of paperwork and months of waiting for the single purpose of welcoming an orphaned child into your heart and family. You are our heroes!

Today’s international adoption landscape is changing. Most of the children waiting for families have medical conditions and/or are older, which presents additional challenges to parenting, attachment, and family dynamics. This is where parent training plays an important and meaningful role. We believe that our high-quality parent education curriculum will better equip adoptive parents with practical knowledge, skills, and understanding. This ongoing education is critical in protecting the best interests of both adoptive children and their families.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the training and be well-prepared for your adoption and parenting journey!

Thank you,
Josh and Lily, Co-founders