When we founded CCAI in our 200-square-foot basement, we never imagined -- even in our wildest dreams -- that we would find homes for more than one or two children. Fourteen years later, CCAI has helped more than 8,000 Chinese children to be embraced into loving families. During the course of a year, we now help an average of more than 3 children per working day to find their forever families! Being part of such a life-changing experience is what keeps us striving to do more.

As adoptive parents ourselves, we are so touched by wonderful people like you who commit your time, finances, and, most of all, emotions to journey through mountains of paperwork and months of waiting to travel halfway around the world to China to welcome an abandoned child in to your heart and family, showering them with all the love in the world. You are our heroes!

We would be honored to be a part of your journey by providing first-class adoption service -- built on a foundation of integrity and, above all, a passion for children.

We look forward to serving you.

Thank you,
Josh and Lily