Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we be sure that CCAI is authorized to provide Hague accredited Parent Training?

A: A list of accredited, temporarily accredited, and approved providers is posted on the Department of State’s website, www.Travel.State.Gov, in the Children and Families section.

Q: Is Parent Training required?

A: Yes. The Convention requires that each prospective adoptive parent undergo ten hours of training on specific topics. This training must be completed before the adoptive parent(s) adopt a child from another Convention country.

Q: What is the purpose of Parent Training?

A: The purpose is to ensure that adoptive families are fully prepared for a Convention adoption.

Q: What exactly does CCAI provide in the way of training?

A: CCAI provides prospective adoptive parent(s) with at least ten hours (independent of the home study) of preparation and training designed to promote a successful intercountry adoption. CCAI provides such training and verifies that the training is complete.

Q: What’s the difference between CCAI ’s Parent Training program and other programs?

A: CCAI offers you all of the training required by the Hague Convention with a China adoption focus.

Q: How do we get credit for taking this training?

A: At the end of each course video presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to review your knowledge of the subjects covered. To receive credit for taking each course, you must complete all of the review questions. After you complete each course a certificate will be sent to you via email.

Q: How do I get a Certificate for completing my training?

A: For families adopting through CCAI, it is our practice to issue one certificate for a married couple after both spouses have completed all of the courses. If you have an urgent need for your Certificate of Completion, please contact the training coordinator at If you are a non-CCAI family utilizing CCAI’s training program, a certificate will be sent to you via email after you complete all of the review questions for each course you purchased.

Q: What if I fail the test?

A: You can’t “fail” the test! CCAI has designed each knowledge review as “no fail.”

Q: How long will we have access to this training?

A: For as long as you like. There will be no expiration date set for access to this valuable resource.

Q: If I am married, can spouses take the training together and both get credit?

A: No. You must login separately and take the training separately to receive individual credit.

Q: How long does each course take?

A: For each of our courses we expect you to “work” on each course at least one to one and one-half hours. “Work” includes downloading and printing the course packet, viewing the course video presentation, viewing any additional videos noted in the course, and additional readings. Click Courses & Course Descriptions and then click the course you are interest in for more information.