Parent Training

CCAI wants you to be as prepared as possible to meet the known and unknown needs of your child.

Through our Parent Training Program, CCAI can provide you with the training that is required for a domestic (for Colorado families) or international adoption (for all CCAI families). Our training is designed to equip you with the tools you will need to effectively parent your child through his/her initial transition into your family and throughout the years to come.

CCAI Families who reside outside of Colorado: CCAI has created a rich online training curriculum offering 10 hours of Hague-compliant parent training for families adopting from all Hague countries. CCAI also offers an additional 2 hours of China adoption-focused parent training as required by the Hague Convention and the CCCWA for families adopting from China. CCAI continues to expand our curriculum of online courses as we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all CCAI families and their children.

CCAI Families who reside within Colorado: The State of Colorado requires a minimum of 16 hours of parent training when adopting a newborn baby domestically. A minimum of 20 hours of parent training is required for the domestic adoption of a child one year old or older. When adopting internationally, the State of Colorado requires a minimum of 24 hours of parent training.

For those adopting internationally, the 24 hours of training CCAI will provide to you includes 10 hours of Hague approved preparation and training (as well as the additional 2 hours that those adopting from China are required to obtain).

Gaining specific knowledge regarding the unique needs children who are adopted have may be one of the first ways we as adoptive parents can actively “love” our children, even before they are in our arms. Whether you are adopting a child domestically or internationally, you will gain valuable insights from these courses.

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